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A Man's heart
Tag Description
082$aAF MAC
100$aMacomber, Debbie,$eauthor.
245$aA Man's heart$cDebbie Macomber.
250$aSecond Australian paperback edition.
300$a364 pages ;$c24 cm.
505$aThe way to a man's heart -- Hasty Wedding.
520$aThe way to a man's heart -- Meghan O'Day and Grey Carlyle couldn't be more different. He's a sophisticated professor of literature; she's a waitress with a high-school education and a love of the classics. He returns time and again to the diner where she works?and it's not just for the coffee and pie! Or even for the conversation....No, it has everything to do with her smile, her sincerity...and her ability to find The Way to a Man's Heart. The way to his heart!
520$aHasty wedding -- On the day of her closest friend's Las Vegas wedding, Clare Gilroy fears that her own walk down the aisle will never happen...until she finds herself falling for best man?and town outcast?Reed Tonasket. After a dizzying night in the glitter of Vegas, Clare wakes to find a ring on her finger and a husband by her side. A Hasty Wedding if there ever was one! Will she be repenting at leisure? Not if Reed has anything to say about it!
650$aLove stories.
650$aMan-woman relationships$vFiction.
655$aLove stories.$2lcgft
700$aMacomber, Debbie, $tWay to a man's heart.$econtains (work).
700$aMacomber, Debbie, $tHasty Wedding.$econtains (work).