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First Australians: the story of Indigenous Australia
Tag Description
082$a994.004 COX
100$aCox, Karin,
245$aFirst Australians :$bthe story of Indigenous Australia$cKarin Cox.
300$a48 pages :$billustrations (some colour), portraits ;$c29 cm.
490$aYoung Reed
500$aIncludes bibliographic references and index.
504$aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505$aThe First Australians -- Culture on context -- Adapting to changing times -- An oral tradition -- Spiritually & Dreaming -- Ancient artworks -- Shelter & Dwellings -- Dress & adornment -- Art of the Body -- Corroborees -- Bush Tucker -- Traditional Medicine -- Tools & Hunting -- Gathering & Trapping -- Dilly bags, baskets & coolamons -- Trading between tribes -- Making fire -- Fun & relaxation -- Pregnancy & birth -- Initiation & marriage -- Death & burial -- Tribal law -- The European invasion -- Man or marvel? -- Fighting for country -- Racist massacres -- The lost tribes -- Missions & protectors -- Equality for Aborigines -- Land rights -- The stolen Generation -- Aboriginal activists -- Reconciliation -- Quiz -- Glossary -- Want to know more -- Index.
520$aBefore European settlement, about 700 Aboriginal nations - each of which had their own Dreaming songs, laws, customs and beliefs and spoke one of 250 or so languages - existed in Australia by the time Europeans began to explore this continent in the 1600s. First Australians is a comprehensive book for primary school audiences about Aboriginal life and customs. Indigenous people had inhabited Australia for at least 40 000 years, if not longer, which makes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures the oldest continuing human cultures on the earth. Find out what kind of houses they built, the food they ate, the clothes they wore as well as how they adapted to life after the British colony arrived in 1788.
521$aFor primary school age.
650$aAboriginal Australians$vJuvenile literature.
650$aAboriginal Australians$xHistory$vJuvenile literature.
650$aAboriginal peoples$xHistory.
650$aAustralians$xSocial life and customs$vJuvenile literature.
650$aAboriginal Australians$xHistory$vJuvenile literature.
650$aAboriginal Australians$xHistory.
650$aAustralians$xSocial life and customs.
650$aAboriginal Australians$xHistory$vJuvenile literature.
650$aAboriginal Australians$xSocial life and customs$vJuvenile literature.
650$aAboriginal Australians.$2fast
650$aAboriginal Australians$xSocial life and customs.$2fast
651$aAustralia$xHistory$vJuvenile literature.
651$aAboriginal Australians$xHistory$vJuvenile literature.
651$aAboriginal Australians$vJuvenile literature.
651$aAustralia$xHistory$vJuvenile literature.
651$aAustralia$xHistory$vJuvenile literature.
655$aJuvenile works.$2fast