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Farewell, godspeed : the greatest eulogies of our times
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082$a811.5 COP
245$aFarewell, godspeed :$bthe greatest eulogies of our times$cedited by Cyrus Copeland.
250$a1st ed.
260$aNew York :$bHarmony Books,$cc2003
300$axi, 320 p. ;$c21 cm.
300$ap. cm.
505$aMachine derived contents note: Contents -- Visionaries -- Susan B. Anthony by Rev. Anna Howard Shaw -- Quentin Crisp by Louis Colaianni -- Che Guevara by Fidel Castro -- Helen Keller by Senator Lister Hill -- Martin Luther King by Benjamin E. Mays (or Robert Kennedy) -- Karl Marx by Friedrich Engels -- Eleanor Roosevelt by Adlai Stevenson -- Adlai Stevenson by President Lyndon B. Johnson -- Ryan White by Rev. Ray Probasco -- Malcolm X by Ossie Davis -- Wisecrackers -- Lucille Ball by Diane Sawyer -- Jack Benny by Bob Hope -- Sammy Davis Jr. by Gregory Hines -- Stan Laurel by Dick Van Dyke -- Gilda Radner by Alan Zweibel -- Charles Schulz by Cathy Guisewite -- Maestros -- Isadora Duncan by Max Eastman -- Bob Fosse by Neil Simon -- Keith Haring by Kay Haring -- Jerome Robbins by Mikhail Baryshnikov -- Gianni Versace by Madonna -- Andy Warhol by John Richardson -- Captains of Industry -- Andrew Carnegie by John H. Finley -- Henry Ford by Edgar Guest -- Alfred Nobel by Nathan SÜderblom -- David Ogilvy by Jock Elliott -- Charles Tiffany by Annabel A. Goan -- John D. Rockefeller by Dr. Robert McCracken -- Movie Stars -- Humphrey Bogart by John Huston -- Richard Burton by Emlyn Williams -- Bette Davis by James Woods -- James Dean by Rev. Xen Harvey -- Jack Lemmon by Larry Gelbart -- Walter Matthau by Charlie Matthau -- River Phoenix by Bill Reichert -- Mae West by Kevin Thomas -- Explorers and High Fliers -- Challenger Astronauts by President Ronald Reagan -- Amelia Earhart by Muriel Morrissey -- Thomas Edison by J. F. Owens -- Albert Einstein by Ernst Straus -- Carl Jung by Laurens van der Post -- Timothy Leary by Winona Ryder -- Marshall McLuhan by John Culkin -- Songsters -- Chet Atkins by Garrison Keillor -- Irving Berlin by Samuel Goldwyn Jr. -- Duke Ellington by Stanley Dance -- Jerry Garcia by Robert Hunter -- George Harrison by Eric Idle -- Janis Joplin by Ralph Gleason -- Laurence Welk by Shirley Welk Fredricks -- Movie Moguls -- Stanley Kubrick by Jan Harlan -- Irving 'Swifty' Lazar by Larry McMurtry -- David O. Selznick by Truman Capote -- Billy Wilder by Larry Gelbart -- Darryl F. Zanuck by Orson Welles -- Father Figures -- John Adams and Thomas Jefferson by Daniel Webster -- Ulysses S. Grant by Rev. Henry Ward Beecher -- Robert E. Lee by General William Preston -- Abraham Lincoln by Bishop Matthew Simpson -- George Washington by Henry Lee -- Wordsmiths -- Erma Bombeck by Phil Donahue -- Emily Dickinson by Susan Dickinson -- Ian Fleming by William Plomer -- Robert Frost by John F. Kennedy -- Dashiell Hammett by Lillian Hellman -- Lillian Hellman by William Styron -- Thedor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel by Robert L. Bernstein -- Mark Twain by Rev. Henry Van Dyke -- Virginia Woolf by Christopher Isherwood -- Walt Whitman by Robert Green Ingersoll -- Camelot -- John F. Kennedy by Chief Justice Earl Warren -- John F. Kennedy Jr. by Senator Edward Kennedy -- Robert Kennedy by Senator Edward Kennedy -- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis by Senator Edward Kennedy.
700$aCopeland, Cyrus.