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082$aAFM ADI
100$aAdiga, Aravind,$eauthor.
300$a256 pages ;$c20 cm.
520$a"Danny - formerly Dhananjaya Rajaratnam - is an undocumented Sri Lankan immigrant. Denied refugee status, working as a cleaner and living out of a grocery storeroom in Sydney, for four years he has been trying to create a new identity for himself, finally coming as close as he ever has to living a normal life. One morning, Danny learns that his client Radha Thomas has been murdered. A jacket was left at the scene, which he believes belongs to another client, a doctor with whom Radha was having an affair. Suddenly Danny is confronted with a choice: Come forward as a witness and risk being deported? Or say nothing, and let justice go undone? Over the course of a single ordinary yet extraordinary day, he must wrestle with his conscience and decide if a person without rights nevertheless has responsibilities..."
650$aIllegal aliens$vFiction.
650$aSri Lankans$zAustralia
650$aMan-woman relationships