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30 days 30 ways to overcome depression
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020$a9781460758106 (paperback)
100$aAisbett, Bev,$eauthor.
245$a30 days 30 ways :$bto overcome depression /$cBev Aisbett.
246$aThirty days thirty ways to overcome depression.
260$aSydney, New South Wales :$bHarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd,$c2020.
300$a213 pages :$billustrations ;$c21 cm.
520$aFrom bestselling author Bev Aisbett comes a proven, practical and simple workbook to help people manage their depression, with a month's worth of daily strategies and exercises for work and for home. When you're suffering from depression, sometimes it's as much as you can do to get out of bed, let alone read a book. But this just isn't any other book. This is a practical day-by-day workbook, with clear, simple daily building blocks and exercises designed to help pull you out of the inertia of depression. It's a highly approachable, simple, concise and above all practical way to help manage depression. Featuring all new material from experienced counsellor and bestselling author of the self-help classics Living with IT and Taming the Black Dog, Bev Aisbett has based this book on many of the exercises she has been teaching and writing about for the past twenty years to help people manage their depression.
650$aDepression, Mental$vPopular works.
650$aDepression, Mental$xPrevention.
650$aDepression, Mental$xTreatment.
650$aDepression, Mental.
650$aSelf-help techniques.
650$aDepression, Mental$xPrevention.$2fast
650$aDepression, Mental$xTreatment.$2fast
650$aSelf-help techniques.$2fast
655$aSelf-help publications.$2lcgft
655$aSelf-help techniques.$2lcgft