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Android Phones & Tablets for dummies
Tag Description
100$aGookin, Dan,$eauthor.
245$aAndroid phones & tablets /$cby Dan Gookin.
246$aAndroid phones and tablets.
300$axv, 366 pages :$billustrations ;$c24 cm.
490$a--For dummies.
500$aIncludes index.
505$aYour own Android. An out-of-the-box experience ; The on-off chapter ; Android tour ; Type to type, text to edit -- Stay Connected. Telephone stuff ; Forward calls, missed calls, and voicemail ; The address book ; Text me ; You've got email ; Web browsing ; Digital social life -- Amazing Android Feats. There's a map for that ; Everyone say "cheese!" ; Your digital photo album ; Music, music, music ; Various and sundry apps ; Google play shopping -- Nuts and Bolts. It's a wireless life ; Connect, share, and store ; Apps and widgets ; Customize and configure ; Android security ; On the road again ; Maintenance, troubleshooting, and help -- The Part of Tens. Ten tips, tricks, and shortcuts ; Ten things to remember -- Index.
520$aGetting a smartphone or tablet is more enjoyable when you have an informative and entertaining guide to assist you! Whether you're upgrading from an older model or totally new to the complex world of Android devices, this book makes it easier than ever to get up and running with the latest and greatest technology. From setup and configuration to taking advantage of all those intricate bells and whistles, you'll want to keep this go-to reference close by every step of the way.
630$aAndroid (Electronic resource.)
630$aAndroid (Electronic resource)$2fast
630$aAndroid (Electronic resource)
650$aApplication software$xDevelopment.
650$aApplication software$xDevelopment.
650$aMobile computing.$2fast
650$aMobile computing$vHandbooks, manuals, etc.
650$aCOMPUTERS$xHardware$xMobile Devices.$2bisacsh
650$aMobile computing.
650$aCOMPUTERS / Hardware / Mobile Devices.$2bisacsh
650$aMobile computing.
650$aMobile apps.$2fast
650$aTablet computers.$2fast
650$aMobile apps$vHandbooks, manuals, etc.
650$aTablet computers$vHandbooks, manuals, etc.
650$aSmartphones$vHandbooks, manuals, etc.
655$aHandbooks and manuals.$2fast
655$aHandbooks and manuals.$2lcgft