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082$aAFR MIL
100$aMiller, Linda Lael,$eauthor.
245$aLuck, McKettrick style
300$a687 pages ;$c20 cm.
490$aThe McKettricks series
500$a13/4/18 Out of print - PLSSI.
505$tMcKettrick's choice$g©2005$tMcKettrick's luck$g©2007
520$aMcKettrick's choice: When news arrived that there was trouble back in Texas, Holt McKettrick left a mail-order bride and his family on the spot. He knew he'd encounter rustlers, scoundrels and thieves, but he'd never expected to find a woman like Lorelei Fellows. Setting fire to her wedding dress in the town square probably wasn't the best way to stand her ground. But Lorelei was sick of men and their schemes. All she wanted was to stake her claim on her own little piece of Texas. And with Holt McKettrick as a neighbour, things were beginning to look up.
520$aMcKettrick's Luck: Like his celebrated ancestors, who tamed the wilds of Arizona, Jesse McKettrick's Indian Rock ties run deep. But with his land at stake, this world-class poker player won't be dealt into Cheyenne Bridges' gamble -- despite the temptation she brings. Cheyenne grew up in Indian Rock and now her job is to convince Jesse to sell his property. Jesse's not the kind of man she could ever forget, but he's too wild and dangerous for a woman committed to playing it safe. Yet sparks of attraction fly, tempting Cheyenne to lay it all on the line for the passion she sees in Jesse's eyes.
650$aMan-woman relationships$vFiction.
655$aRomance fiction.