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Amazing ninja!
Tag Description
082$aJF DO
100$aDo, Anh,$eauthor.
245$aAmazing ninja!
246$aNinja kid.$n4,$pAmazing ninja!
260$aGosford, NSW :$bScholastic Press,$c2019
300$a186 pages :$billustrations ;$c20 cm.
490$aNinja kid ;$v4
520$aThe CIRCUS is coming to town, and NELSON and his friends have a chance to be part of the show! Nelsons AMAZING NINJA SKILLS will be PERFECT! But what will NINJA Nelson do when BIG TROUBLE arrives at the BIG TOP!
521$a6-9 years old.
650$aHumorous fiction.
650$aAction and adventure fiction.
650$aNinja$vJuvenile fiction.
650$aChild ninja