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Blessing in disguise
Tag Description
082$aAF STE
100$aSteel, Danielle,$eauthor.
245$aBlessing in disguise$cDanielle Steel.
260$aLondon, England :$bMacmillan,$c2019
300$a277 pages ;$c24 cm.
520$aIsabelle McAvoy is a private art consultant who started her career as a curator in an important downtown gallery in New York. Now she has her own clients who range from famous collectors to the newly rich, hungry to buy to show off their wealth and impress their friends. Her career is soaring, but her private life is messier. She has three children, each with different fathers: dreamy Theo, fierce and resentful Xela and kindly Oona. Isabelle only wants health and happiness for her children, but life has a habit of making things hard. And as she navigates the loves and losses of her children, can she ever find happiness for herself?
650$aRomance fiction.
650$aInterpersonal relations$vFiction.
650$aParent and child$vFiction.
650$aMan-woman relationships