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The award: Danielle Steel.
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082$aAF STE
100$aSteel, Danielle,$eauthor.
245$aThe award$cDanielle Steel.
250$aCorgi edition.
300$a377 pages ;$c20 cm.
500$aFirst published in Great Britain in 2016 by Bantam Press.
520$aGaelle de Barbet is 16 years old in 1940 when the German army occupies France. In a matter of months, her father and brother are killed, and her closest friend, Rebekah Feldmann, is sent to a detention camp. Taking terrifying risks, Gaelle becomes a member of the Resistance, fearlessly delivering Jewish children to safety underneath the eyes of the Gestapo and their French collaborators. Conducted in secret, her missions for the Resistance will mark her for years. But when the war draws to a close, she is falsely accused of collaboration, and flees to Paris in disgrace. There, she begins a new life that eventually takes her to New York, from a career as a Dior model to marriage and motherhood, unbearable loss, and mature, lasting love. However, her label as a collaborator remains, until her granddaughter, a respected political journalist, is determined that past wrongs finally be made right, and her grandmother's brave acts be recognized.
650$aGrandparent and child$vFiction.
650$aWorld War, 1939-1945