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Steadfast: Claudia Gray.
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082$aYAF GRA
100$aGray, Claudia,$eauthor.
245$aSteadfast$cClaudia Gray.
260$aSydney :$bHarperCollins Publishers,$cc2014
300$a346 pages ;$c20 cm.
500$aSequel to: Spellcaster.
520$aNadia and Mateo have saved Captive's Sound from the dark Sorceress, Elizabeth. But despite their best efforts, a crack was opened, and a new, greater evil seeped through. Now, as an unearthly demon infests the land, it is up to Nadia and Mateo to stop the wicked forces once and for all... before it not only consumes Captive's Sound, but the entire world. STEADFAST, the second book in this trilogy, is richly woven with Claudia Gray's signature dark magic, captivating mystery and star-crossed romance.
650$aHorror tales.
650$aFamily life$zRhode Island$vJuvenile fiction.
650$aHorror$vJuvenile fiction.
650$aYoung adult fiction.
650$aWitches$vJuvenile fiction.
650$aMagic$vJuvenile fiction.
650$aBlessing and cursing$vJuvenile fiction.
650$aHigh schools$vJuvenile fiction.
650$aSchools$vJuvenile fiction.
650$aFamilies$zRhode Island$vJuvenile fiction.
651$aRhode Island$vJuvenile fiction.
655$aHorror stories
655$aYoung adult fiction
655$aHorror stories
655$aYoung adult fiction